Training Center in Pretoria North

  Training Center in Pretoria North

Our Training Center in Pretoria North is a home-style lodge that is steeped in comfort, serenity and local culture. We have been serving both domestic and international guests for years and have become a favorite amongst locals.

Unique and Comfortable Location

Our Training Venue in Pretoria North is in a unique location, making us diverse from the other Guest Houses in this area. It is a beautiful site to hold your training program as staying at our Guest House in Pretoria North would serve a dual purpose. Conduct the training program and make fond memories away from the bustle of city life. A blend of classic and contemporary styles is at the heart of the architecture and decor of our place. We try to blend in with the finesse of the natural surroundings. There are different room and suite options to choose from, and breakfast and lunch can be enjoyed on the rooftop.

What We Offer

We offer a spacious training venue in Pretoria North that is equipped with all training materials, Wi-Fi, air conditioner, and other necessities required to conduct training programs. We also have a beautiful garden where you can host activities that may be included in your training program. It will be a perfect getaway for all your employees – giving them an opportunity to learn and rejuvenate from their hectic schedules. You can also visit some of the historical attractions that are just about 15 minutes’ drive from the place.

Call to Book with Us

To make booking arrangement for your training requirements in Pretoria North, get in touch with one of our managers, who will make the necessary arrangements for you and your employees/guests. We offer attractive custom packages for businesses and organizations who look forward to holding official programs at our place. To learn more about your stay here, you can get in touch with us over a call or send us an online inquiry through our website.

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Training Venue in Pretoria North
Training Venue in Pretoria North
Training Venue in Pretoria North Lunch
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